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MicroSmores Make S’Mores in the Microwave!

S’mores – crispy graham crackers, gooey marshmallows, and melty chocolate – yummmm. You know how sometimes you crave the taste of good old fashioned S’mores but never seem to have a roaring fire going in order to make them? Now you don’t have to, because with MicroSmores you can have that delicious childhood treat straight from your microwave!

UPDATE: 9/27/12 We are sorry but this item is no longer available. Check out this similar offer from our partners: My Li’l Pie Maker

Gooey, melty, delicious S’mores. Kids love ‘em, parents love ‘em, and now you can enjoy them anytime, in just ten seconds! MicroSmores is simple to use – simply stack the graham cracker, chocolate, marshmallow and top graham cracker on the MicroSmores tray, cover, microwave, and in ten short seconds you will be enjoying a gooey treat that will bring you back to the days when you were a kid! The patented fusion technology of the Micro-Smores dome heats up quickly to make everything melt and then smushes it together, just like you remember.

MicroSmores also comes with a cookbook of twenty-four (24) classic and holdiay recipes full of S’mores treats you may have never even thought of until now – using peanut butter cups, M&Ms, chocolate chip cookies, and more!

Sure to become a favorite with kids and parents alike, MicroSmores is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup, so there is no excuse not to enjoy this deliciously gooey treat whenever the mood strikes. Looking to save money? Have a campfire-themed dinner – hot dogs, burgers, corn on the cob, and S’mores for dessert! Fast, economical, fun, AND delicious! The ten-second treat that is fun to eat!

MicroSmores is available now for only $19.99 plus shipping and handling, and if you order a second unit you will get free shipping for that second order. This offer is only available in US and Canada (additional shipping required for orders sent to Canada).

UPDATE 9/27/12: We’re sorry but this item is no longer available. Please check out this similar offer from our partners: My Li’l Pie Maker

WOW Mix and Match Interchangeable Food Storage Containers!

WOW is the interchangeable Mix and Match Food Storage Container System where every container also doubles as a lid. That’s right – not only are they dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe, these versatile containers all DOUBLE AS A LID!  No more digging through piles of mismatched lids. Not only that, if what you want to store spills over the top of the container, simply grab another container and pop it on top as a lid – there is always room for ”just a little bit more!”  That is such a great idea! Another one of the “Wish I’d Thought of That!” variety.

UPDATE: 9/25/12 We are sorry but this item is no longer available – check out this similar offer from our partners:

If your storage container collection is anything like mine, you might have pieces left over from various grocery store items, some you can’t even see through. Those are like the Bermuda Triangle, once a food goes in, it will never be seen again.  With the WOW Interchangeable System, now you can see and store just about anything – even a foot-long sandwich!

Great for students, newlyweds, offices and more, the WOW Mix and Match Food Storage System helps eliminate clutter in the kitchen and on the go. Spill proof containers are perfect for lunches and picnics, and the variety of sizes means nothing has to get left behind!

AsSeenOnTVBlog.Com’s Buy One Get One Free Offer  (A $50 Value for only $19.95 plus shipping and handling) includes 40 Total Containers:

  • 20 Small Containers
  • 10 Medium Containers
  • 8 Large Containers
  • 2 Bonus Extra Large Containers

This offer is not available in stores.

UPDATE: 9/25/2012 We’re sorry but this item is no longer available. Try this similar offer from our partners:

Bottle Top Can Topper Turns Your Can Into a Bottle!

Bottle Tops Can Toppers are made to convert your open soda, beer, or energy drink can into a bottle and save money by keeping drinks from spilling or going flat. This is one of those inventions that falls into the “Why didn’t I think of that?” category. So simple, yet so brilliant. I haven’t tried them yet, but they are on my list of products to investigate, and here’s why:

I don’t know about you, but we weren’t allowed to drink much soda growing up, and we weren’t allowed to waste money either. Among other things this meant that you were only allowed to have half a can of soda when you got home from school, but there were three of us kids. So, there was always half a can of soda left over, and someone had to drink that the next day. I know, how sad. Even though the flat soda tasted terrible, it didn’t matter – nothing went to waste. You would think I would have been the first person to invent some way to keep soda bubbly, but at least someone got around to it. Introducing, Bottle Tops Can Toppers, As Seen on TV.

 UPDATE 9/25/12: We are sorry but this item is no longer available. Please consider this additonal offer from our partners:

I still don’t drink much soda these days, and I still don’t want to waste money, so the BottleTop Can Savers strike me as really practical for almost everyone. Perfect for picnics, parties and barbeques – the set comes in a variety of colors so your guests will always know which can is theirs, and Bottle-Top keeps out bugs and prevents loss of carbonation if they like to hold onto their drinks for a while.

Bottle Top Can Covers fit on any size can, large or small and are perfect for kids, running errands, at the gym, or in the car. BottleTop’s leak-proof seal prevents spilling accidentally, and the easy open bottle will save your nails from difficult to open can tabs.

Bottle Top Can Toppers are reusable and dishwasher safe, which is huge for me (soda gets so STICKY!) - no mess and no hassle. Great for families, offices, car trips, or just around the home. Order now to receive a free Can Popper

AsSeenOnTVBlog.Com Offer: Buy One Get One Free – Order a set of six (6) Bottle Tops in a rainbow variety of colors now for only $10.00 plus shipping and handling, and you will receive a second set of six (6) Bottle Tops absolutely and a Can Top Popper absolutely FREE! Just pay extra shipping and handling.

UPDATE 9/25/12: We are sorry but this offer is no longer available. Please consider this additonal item from our partners:

New Year’s is Here! Get Healthy with Living Well Healthmaster

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to get healthy and/or lose weight, you might want to take a look at a new product called the Living Well Health Master Emulsifier. I haven’t used it myself, but from the commercials I’ve seen on TV, it seems to work like a very powerful blender, mixer and juicer combined.

UPDATE 9/25/12: We are sorry but this offer is no longer available. Please check out this other offer from our partners:

Personally, I have made the resolution to get healthy again – I was doing pretty good in the months leading up to my wedding, but as soon as that was over so was my resolve! We postponed our honeymoon until next year, and now I have to start over again. Bathing suit season looms…Drag…..

I love gadgets and kitchen appliances, and because of all the wedding gifts we received, I have almost every one I could possibly desire - BUT I just saw the ad for the Healthmaster and thought it sounded pretty cool. One of the advantages it claims over other appliances is the fact that it uses the vitamin rich peels and skins to extract every nutrient, anti-oxidant (antioxidant?), vitamin, mineral and whatever other healthy stuff is in there that you can possibly get out of a fruit or vegetable. I read some of the testimonials on the site and people who own the Healthmaster seemed to find this an easy way to incorporate more fruits and veggies into their diet, which is good for everyone whether you are trying to lose weight or not – imagine losing weight while enjoying delicious soups, smoothies, salsas, ice creams, yum!

No matter how you feel about the health care debate, I assume (I know that is probably a bad idea, but oh well) that no one is going to argue against the importance of keeping yourself as healthy as possible; in fact, a recent CNN editorial states some of the ways we could help to improve our own health and not have to rely as much on health care in general, government or otherwise. Losing weight and combating obesity is a huge step towards improving one’s health, both physically and mentally.

One of the challenges to maintaining a healthy diet is incorporating all of those fruits and veggies into meals when you have no time or inclination to cook. Enter the Living Well Healthmaster! With the touch of a button you can whip up a veggie puree and add it effortlessly into a soup, pasta sauce, salad dressing or whatever other creative uses you can imagine – it’s a great way to sneak fruits and vegetables into your kids’ food too!

Some of the features that make me more inclined to try the Healthmaster are the 100-year warranty on the motor and the fact that it can pulverize ice in seconds – no blender I have ever had has done that to my satisfaction. It is large enough to handle entire fruits and vegetables, so no need to peel and dice before throwing things in, which is a huge timesaver for me. For some reason, I hate chopping, which makes being a vegetarian kind of a pain – probably why I order too much takeout and now need to lose weight AGAIN! lol

Maybe me and my hubby will get one of these and start a honeymoon weight loss challenge;  it’s not New Year’s yet so I have a few days to get motivated. Is the Living Well Healthmaster in my future? We’ll see…

Purchase through As Seen on TV Blog: If you are interested in trying the Living Well Healthmaster for yourself, it is available in the US and Canada (addt’l shipping) for four payments of $49.99 plus shipping and handling, or a one-time payment of $199.96 plus shipping and handling - this offer is not available in stores. You also receive four (4) recipe books and an eating plan to get you started! Good Luck everyone!

UPDATE 9/25/12: We are sorry but this offer is no longer available. Please review this additional offer from our partners:

Big Top Giant Cupcakes for Halloween and More! Holiday Baking Mania!

Big Top Cupcake – even MORE of a good thing!?! Cupcakes are a hot item in the part of the world I live in, So-Cal. There are whole bakeries devoted to just cupcakes, and they are pri-cey. Worth it of course, when you feel like having a $7 cupcake – which for me, is not REALLY all that often. We have friends that had a cupcake wedding cake, and another friend whose last birthday cake was cupcakes. Which leads me to thinking, if a little cupcake is GOOD, then a giant cupcake MUST be that much better! Right?

Well now Halloween is coming up, and what better centerpiece than a giant cupcake for everyone to anticipate all evening?

Check out the Big Top Cupcake Silicone Baking Pan – it is 25X the size of a regular cupcake! It bakes the giant cupcakes in two seperate pieces so you can mix and match flavors and even add fillings! Use the special filling insert (included) to hide a secret surprise inside of each and every Big Top Cupcake – fill it with mousse, pudding, whipped cream or even ice cream!

Buying cakes gets expensive, and old after a while – everyone goes to the same stores after all. Why not bring something totally original and fun!? Everyone loves cupcakes, and now you can make a unique giant cupcake to feed everyone! Circus Tent, BeeHive, Giant Kitten, Christmas Tree!! The possibilities are endless, but in case you run out of ideas the Big Top Cupcake Pan comes with the Fast & Easy Idea Book AND as a Bonus you get a set of 3-D animal cookie cutters to populate your Big Top Cupcake Circus!