Garden Auger Spiral Drill Bit for Planting

Spiral Drill Bit Earth Auger Ground Fence Post Hole Digger Drilling Drill Bit
1. Suitable for planting tulips, iris, bulbs, bedding plants, and seedlings;
2. Ideal for for digging deep holes in your yard;
3. Also great for digging weeds up by the roots;
4. Fits for Yard Roto Earth Digger Garden Auger;
5. This can be replaced the Electric Hammer and Water borer.
Size:4X22CM , 4X45CM,  8X25CM, 8X30CM, 8X60CM, 5X22CM,  5X45CM
Type: auger
Material: high speed steel
Package Contents:
1 x Spiral Hole Drill Bit


  1. It’s often said that you don’t need a drill bit, what you need is a hole. How you make that hole is up to you, but it’s a given that you want to make it as efficiently as possible. drill bits for metal

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