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Dreamie Portable Bedding, Won’t Let the Bedbugs Bite!

Dreamie Portable Bedding, (Personal Top Sheet, Bottom Sheet and Pillow Set) began to sound like the answer to a nightmare after I read this incredibly disturbing AAA article about hotel sheets.

You have to be especially careful these days with worries about the swine flu (H1N1) virus running rampant – we’ve all experienced the disastrous results of forced exposure to large groups in small spaces that is unavoidable during the holiday season. Ultimately it is up to you  to keep yourself and your family as healthy as possible, and the Dreamie Portable Bedding is a product that might ease some of the dis-ease that comes with holiday travel.

UPDATE 9/25/12: We are sorry but this item is no longer available. Please consider this related offer from our partners:

Dreamie is hard to explain – it’s not a sheet, pillow, blanket or sleeping bag, it’s almost like all of them combined! In fact, it makes an excellent liner for a sleeping bag; if everyone in the family has their own Dreamie Personal Bedding insert, there is less washing of the sleeping bag which means less wear, tear and damaging fiber breakdown over time. Plus, its personal pillow keeper means your pillow won’t slip and slide all over the place; it stays exactly where you want it – under your head.

Have you ever slept on someone’s couch, on a sheet that doesn’t cover the couch all the way down to your feet, so you are constantly trying to get comfortable, but instead wind up what I can only describe as “squinched?” Well, now think how nice it would be to have a snug, full sized personal pocket to slip into, tuck your feet away and wrap yourself in a clean familiar little Dreamie Cocoon. Ok, so maybe that’s a little extreme, but Dreamie really does make me think of the phrase “Snug as a Bug in a Rug.”  It’s nice to have your own rug to be snug in, and I want to be the ONLY “bug.”

Dreamie is like the sleeping version of Snuggie. It is an innovative product that addresses the issues of our times – many of us have downsized our homes and have less space for guests, many of us are trying to travel more economically in less expensive hotels or trying out campgrounds, less expensive airlines, more road trips and more crashing with friends and family. Dreamie Top Sheet, Bottom Sheet and Pillow Set is the most convenient solution for anxious overnight guests and hectic hosts alike. It is machine washable, fits in any suitcase, and comes in three colors: Espresso, Ivory and Red.

With all of the stress that comes inherent with holiday travel, why not eliminate a little for you and your houseguests or holiday hosts and try the Dreamie, Portable Personal Bedding and experience home away from home.

UPDATE 9/25/12: We are sorry but this item is no longer available. Please consider this related offer from our partners:

Big Top Giant Cupcakes for Halloween and More! Holiday Baking Mania!

Big Top Cupcake – even MORE of a good thing!?! Cupcakes are a hot item in the part of the world I live in, So-Cal. There are whole bakeries devoted to just cupcakes, and they are pri-cey. Worth it of course, when you feel like having a $7 cupcake – which for me, is not REALLY all that often. We have friends that had a cupcake wedding cake, and another friend whose last birthday cake was cupcakes. Which leads me to thinking, if a little cupcake is GOOD, then a giant cupcake MUST be that much better! Right?

Well now Halloween is coming up, and what better centerpiece than a giant cupcake for everyone to anticipate all evening?

Check out the Big Top Cupcake Silicone Baking Pan – it is 25X the size of a regular cupcake! It bakes the giant cupcakes in two seperate pieces so you can mix and match flavors and even add fillings! Use the special filling insert (included) to hide a secret surprise inside of each and every Big Top Cupcake – fill it with mousse, pudding, whipped cream or even ice cream!

Buying cakes gets expensive, and old after a while – everyone goes to the same stores after all. Why not bring something totally original and fun!? Everyone loves cupcakes, and now you can make a unique giant cupcake to feed everyone! Circus Tent, BeeHive, Giant Kitten, Christmas Tree!! The possibilities are endless, but in case you run out of ideas the Big Top Cupcake Pan comes with the Fast & Easy Idea Book AND as a Bonus you get a set of 3-D animal cookie cutters to populate your Big Top Cupcake Circus!