Black Bullet Hose

 Black Bullet Hose is a hose for the yard and garden that's been woven with hemp fibers instead of being made from traditional green or black rubber. It's specified that the hose will expand on its own when filled with water, and retract on its own when you turn off its water source, which will make it nearly pocket-sized. This hose comes in lengths of 25,50, and 100 feet, and with each hose, you'll get a nozzle with three different spraying options.

How to Use (Step by Step)

  1. Attach Hose to Water Source

    Once you get a Black Bullet Hose, you'll need to attach it to a water source in the same way that you would a traditional garden hose. One significant piece of information to note, however, is that each of these hemp hoses has fittings that have been infused with charcoal, as opposed to lead.

  2. Turn on Water Supply

    With your hose attached securely to a source of water, turn on the water supply while leaving the hose lying on the ground. After you've turned the water supply on, you'll be able to see your hose gradually expand to its full length, without any further action from you.

  3. Choose Spray Setting

    Next, after you've determined which water-dependent chore in your yard or garden you'll complete first, it'll be time to rotate your hose's nozzle and select a spray setting. The wide spray may be best if you're watering a large area, such as an entire flowerbed, while the pinpoint spray will aid you with removing a specific section of dirt from a particular area. Furthermore, the full-power spray is probably the ideal one to choose if you'll be washing a car or the siding of your home. For glass windows, you might want to stick to the gentler wide spray setting.

  4. Use Hose for Chores

    After you've selected a spray setting, move your hose around in order to complete your chores of the day. The hose should glide along more smoothly than a traditional garden hose, due to its lightweight nature, even if you have to pull it over rough terrain like a driveway covered in gravel. Feel free to switch spray settings whenever you need to, especially if you switch to a different chore that calls for a different kind of spray.

  5. Turn Water Supply Off

    When you're done with your hose, turn off your water supply and watch the hose gradually retract back into a smaller size. As it retracts, it'll naturally begin to coil itself up. After it has retracted, leave it outdoors or store it in a place of your choice.


  •  Seamless

    The hemp used to create the Black Bullet Hose (aside from its nozzle and fittings) is woven in a continuous circular pattern without seams. Since each hose will have no seams, that means it'll be less likely to kink, rip, or pick up a hole in comparison to fabric hoses with seams or hoses made of plastic or rubber.

  •  Soft to Touch

    Although each woven hose is purported to have the strength of steel, each one is actually soft to the touch. There are no sharp parts on the body of any of these hoses for users to cut their fingers on, which makes this type of hose very child-friendly.

  •  Three-Quarter Inch Diameter

    The body of every Black Bullet Hose has a diameter measuring three-quarters of an inch, which is larger than the standard garden hose diameter of five-eighths of an inch. By using a slightly wider hose, you may be able to accomplish certain watering jobs more quickly than you'd otherwise be able to. Nonetheless, this hose isn't so wide that it'll become bulky or cumbersome.

  •  Three Lengths Available

    When you decide to obtain one of these hoses, you'll be able to get one that's 25,50, or 100 feet, depending on the size of your property and your watering needs. The two longer types come in sets of two, while you can get two 25-foot hoses together or a single one on its own. All of these hoses, regardless of length, have a body that's blue and green. As for the fittings, they'll always be green and black.

Positive Points

  •  Offers Non-toxic Drinking Water

    If you, your kids, or your pets like to take a drink from the garden hose while you're outdoors in the yard, you won't have to worry about the safety of this hose's water. Since each one has charcoal-infused fittings that don't contain any lead—in fact, the hose contains no lead at all—the water that comes from this type of hose is safe to drink. You also won't be exposing your yard or garden to the toxicity that often comes with lead by watering either of these areas with this type of hose.

  •  Highly Transportable

    Even the 100-foot version of this hose will retract so it's only about a foot wide, which means you'll be able to transport this hose in virtually any vehicle or motorized boat, if necessary. You might think that you won't need a garden hose while you're away from home, but it may come in handy if you need to put out a small fire quickly. If you spend time at a trailer park in your RV, you might decide to start up a small flowerbed there and use this compact hose for watering purposes.

  •  Won't Damage Flowers, Plants

    As long as you use the wide spray setting on your hose's three-setting nozzle, you should be able to use this hose to water standard-sized flowers and plants without damaging them. You must avoid using either the pinpoint spray or full-power spray to water anything but large shrubs or trees, though. The power of these sprays could quickly knock over smaller plants and flowers or cause their leaves to tear.

  •  Tolerant of Sunlight

    Hemp fibers won't break down as quickly as the fibers of many other woven fabrics when they're exposed to sunlight. That means you'll be able to leave your Black Bullet Hose out in the summer sun without being concerned that this will dramatically shorten its life. Plus, the hose shouldn't quickly lose its attractive blue-green shade, even when exposed to the sun, as hemp is also resistant to fading.