Advantage Of As Seen On TV

Advantage Of As Seen On TV Shopping

Compared with online shopping, TV shopping has its natural advantages. The authority of TV channel in US is very high, and its brand reputation is so higher than any commercial website. In addition, TV channels can set up websites to engage in e-commerce, and satisfy users' purchase by TV + phone (SMS) + direct mail catalogue, etc., but websites cannot set up TV channels. And the huge infection of live broadcast of TV shopping channel is also what online shopping does not have.

Advertising is an important method to build brand and transmit product information, but the advertising time is relatively short and the cost is relatively high, so it is difficult to completely and accurately transmit the unique information of products in a short time. The long version of TV shopping program can clearly express the "selling points" of products, produce more convincing communication effect, and is more conducive to brand building.

TV shopping sales in the United States account for about 8% of total retail sales in the United States. TV shopping in US is not lack of market, but lack of standardized operation. The TV shopping channel of the authority is coming out. In this context, the shopping channel is indeed a platform with broad prospects.

Different media give audiences different illusions. Each media has its different psychological orientation in the audience. It can make full use of the psychological influence of the media on the audience, and make full use of the illusion effect, which will achieve twice the result with half the effort for brand promotion. Weak brands with the endorsement of the central platform will give consumers the illusion of strong brands.

Brand Effect

The core competitiveness of As Seen On TV shopping channel lies in the brand effect of As Seen On TV.

In fact, As Seen On TV is separated from the role of pure media. It has dual roles and functions. One is to effectively release information within the maximum scope; the other is to provide strong background support of "brand endorsement".


MBOs (media shopping business & Operation Support System) media shopping business operation support system By As Seen On TV INC.  Which effectively fills the gap in the construction of domestic shopping channel operation system, has become the first and only home TV shopping system in US that supports the operation and management of shopping channel in an all-round way. It provides system construction of channel business operation support system including commodity development, supplier management, commodity management, order information processing, call center, member management, accounting management, warehousing and logistics distribution, program arrangement, after-sales service, and TV shopping business operation support.


Under the endorsement of As Seen On TV INC, TV shopping will become "the most credible TV shopping in US". It can be imagined that when a brand with low popularity is printed with As Seen On TV on its product packaging, consumers' confidence and good will to the brand will be greatly improved. Through TV shopping, manufacturers can quickly and effectively improve the influence and trust of products with the help of AS Seen ON TV brand.


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