Capsule Cutter”Bonne” (Carmine Red) RCP-3(R)

I add the function of the “lowering” “beating”! Part of one 7 food processor
The comfort that “Bonne” of the meaning called “maid” is very easy, and it does troublesome preliminary arrangements in French. Because work concludes in a cup, there is little washing, too and is convenient.
Change it, and “carve, and mix it, and work it out, and smash it, and crush it, and take it down, and beat it” with the plate of possible three in this one.
I simplify the making of preliminary arrangements and dessert of the time-consuming dish happily.
The help food processor which supports the making of everyday dish
A capsule type food processor doing ingredients into cutting fine – paste form with a powerful motor instantly.
I smash it with one and mix it and carve and crush it and work it out and beat it and handle the part of of taking it down 7.
The cup uses the try tongue resin which is hard to be broken which is used for a nursing bottle.
At a good capacity of 500 ml, the liquid is OK, too. For the making of baby food and care food.
I put materials and push it. It is easy by 2 steps
Only as for “a person dies, and how to use finishes boiling ingredients very much” and “I put it in the cup and push it” →!
By the simple design that the preliminary arrangements of the dish complete by 2 steps, anyone is easy to use it, and the care is easy, too.
To the hardness of favorite texture and ingredients, use “consecutive pushes” and “a pulse push” properly.

I wash it, and a circle is OK other than the body. With exclusive original spatula.
It is a compact to be able to put in the slight space of the kitchen. It is easy to treat it and is not in trouble in the storage space either.
The commercial ice breaks, too. Powerful
24,000 rounds a minute features a powerful motor and four pieces of sharp blades to grind.
I crush commercial ice and the frozen fruit in no time.
Because is the capsule type design which the heat of the motor is hard to be transmitted through to ingredients; a gelato and chipped ice, the making of crash ice are things of the hand, too.
Let alone meat, a fish, it is most suitable for the cooking of cold ingredients including the frozen fruit. Clearing is easy without the top of the cutting board being in a mess.
A grated radish and the option which I can beat are attached!
With exclusive recipe book of the person of administrative dietitian, dish supervision