Grind And Go All-in-One Portable Coffee Maker for Camping, Travel & Office

Built-in battery: if the battery is charged (including USB cable, once fully charged, you can use the cup to grind coffee beans 12 times, ideal for travel and camping. There is also a coffee pot for house, office shop and car.
Design integrity: coffee cup, instant coffee machine, coffee cup filter and coffee cup design a portable and user-friendly coffee cup
Multi function: it is not only easy to grind coffee beans, but also easy to use in dry spices, walnuts, seeds and grains. It is also an ideal gift for coffee lovers in home, office, car, camping and travel.
Adjustable roughness: by rotating the adjustable button mechanism at the bottom of the automatic coffee mill, you can adjust the roughness of the coffee powder to obtain fine and uniform particles.
Easy to use: just add coffee beans and press the switch. It will automatically move for two to three minutes It can make coffee directly and easily make a cup of espresso 200ml in a few minutes.
The As Seen On TV Grind And Go - The Best Coffee Maker Ever!